Knavewear was created by our family (Angie, James, Trae 🐶, and Ollie 🐶). Our adorable, lazy pups keep us sane by letting us know when they need some belly scratches. We love all things cyclocross & the occasional innocent heckle (We're not very good at this 😂) . One of us is waaaaaay better at racing than the other! Yep, you guessed it.. Angie, "The People's Champ"!

Any who...we're just your everyday cyclists trying to bring something new to the community with Knavewear.

Our goal is to brighten your wardrobe, make you feel sexy during your workouts, & keep you dry (and warm or cool).

Knavewear is located in Iowa. Our fabrics are from around the world and our base layers are lovingly manufactured by awesome people in China.